Rise of the Runelords

Even More Observation

At the damn dam.

I listen to the party bicker on and on about saving this village from the busted dam, and perhaps the creatures that busted it. Eventually, I think Hope manages to corral them into going after them. For a kid, she’s pretty good with words. Now, if we can just keep her from almost dying….

I put my two sense in. We saved those people from a giant monster; I don’t want them to get eaten or worse by ogres or whatever is going on upstream. I may be a cynic, but I do care about people- somewhat.

Keldoran approaches us, giving us some impromptu information, a rough estimate of how long the rain will last. Him and Marika get into the specs for the dam, and she seems to know a lot about it. Marika has the great idea of evacuating the townsfolk.

I agree to go see Malin, the acting mayor, to have him send people to fort rannick at Hope’s request, who seemingly feels like she’d beat the guy up. It’s a great idea, and can find no fault with it. I go as quick as I can. I’ll have to also send a message to Fort Rannick so that these people will have an escort- hopefully, Shalelu. I get to it. Keldoran has a messenger bird-thing for us, so we do that, while I go and get the village ready to go. After that, I sleep to recover what meager spells that I have. I have to admit, learning this magic stuff has yet to impress me a great deal- in fact, I think I was better off just stabbing things.

After listening to Notaly go on and on about something called a feather whip token, I decide to get one. Supposedly, it allows someone to wrap someone up long enough to stab them to death or escape. I find a shop that has one on our way out of town. Fortunately, Shalelu is there, and ready to escort the villagers to the fort. Looks like we’re on our way.

We press on, against the rush of the water in the river, and we round the corner, coming ac ross a giant, skull-enc rusted dam. I guess it’s called Skull’s crossing for a reason. It’s pretty massive, too. It makes me wonder just why anyone would ever want to live downstream from this. After a quick bathroom break, we ascend, and there are cliffs and dropoffs everywhere. It takes us a half-hour to climb giant-sized stairs, but we finally get to this dank cave. We keep ascending the staircase, but Hope seems to have some trouble.

We hear noises, and Notaly puts up an illusionary wall, which I disbelieve. An ettin comes striding out of the cave, and is not happy. I know that it hasn’t seen me, and I see that Hope may have a non-violent solution to this, so I hang back, and see what happens. The monster lunges at Hope, who once again finds herself in harm’s way. She takes some wounds, and I’m instantly regretting not stabbing this thing in the face when I had a chance. She dives between the ettin’s legs, andI think I’ll just make with the stabbing!

Though Hope does most of the work, we tag team the ettin, spilling his blood before the others can do much of anything. Marika uses her Flaming Sphere, and sends it into the cavern one the ettin is dead. I see Hope disappear, and do the same as we all make our way into the cavern, just in case the ettin had treasure- which he does. Notaly begins Identifying everything, and there are a few magic items besides.

Afterwards, we come across yet more giant-sized stairs. When we get to the top of the dam, we walk single file across the top of it. Through the driving rain, we see a bunch of ogres chipping away at the dam, and we have to move past them. Keldoran agrees to stage a distraction, so that we can get the drop on them. Hope and I move closer to the first target. Unexpectedly, Keldoran’s magic bird thumps into me, mumbling something about a message. For a brief and terrifying moment, I fear that my stealthiness has been detected- but I worry too much. I’m fine, and almost in perfect place to aid Hope in attacking one of these bastards. Notaly casts a Fear spell on some of them, and they scatter; one of them leaping clear over the edge of the dam, never to be seen again.

Meanwhile, Hope gets the first stab in, and I finish it off as things begin to get chaotic. By the look on her face, it looks like she believes that this could be all too easy. Maybe she’s right, but I’ll wait ’till the ogres are all dead before I make my assessment.

Eh, maybe she was right.

We deal with the ogres. One of them that went running scared comes back, and we deal with it accordingly. Bereft of anything to stab, we puzzle out how to try to fix the dam, and press on. Inside the strange, temple-y thing, Hope uses an Ioun Stone to give us some light- a pity that a pack of Trolls see us. Notaly uses her magic to create a spiked pit beneath them, and they all go falling in. Trolls that were at once posed to kill us are now deep in a pit. Keldoran throws an alchemist fire flask into the pit. Marika’s Flaming Sphere goes into the pit, creating even more havoc. We can hear them trying to get back to the top, even as Hope summons a Corgi from her wand to vex them.

It doesn’t last forever, though, and one of them comes hopping out of the pit, and Marika hits him with a scorching ray. Even Keldoran gets in on the action. The troll spills his blood in my face, and I’m none too happy about it. I take the time to wipe my eyes, and lightly graze the stump that shot out the blood with my knife, which has an acid crystal in it. It cauterizes the wound, and it’s the troll’s turn to look unhappy. Before it can take too much damage, however, the troll chews on one of his fingers- the one with a shiny ring on it. He spits the finger out the window, pleased with himself. Notaly sends her familiar (a mephit) after the ring as it falls into the water. I quick swipe of my shortsword does the creature in, and we watch him bubble with the acid into goo. The mephit comes back with the ring, apparantly a Ring of Jumping.

We stop here to catch our breaths….


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