Rise of the Runelords

Even More Observations

From Turtleback Ferry to Basil Leaf!

After the Dam…

I think now that we’re done saving Turtleback Ferry, we’re gonna rest up for a bit and then head off to Marika’s trial. To be honest, I’ll be pretty happy to leave this place behind- the rangers that we helped here were not very grateful. So, off we go, on yet another grand adventure. Slogging through it all, griping about the places we hate…I guess that makes me an official adventureer. Hooray for me.

There’s a raven following us. Should I shoot it? I ask Marika, but I think she cares more about her muddy boots. By the time I have my short sword handy, it starts squawking at us. At least Hope understands the thing, or is at least cawing at Marika and gesticulating at her. If I did that, everyone would think I’m crazy! On her, it’s really kind of…cute. Marika does have some kind of message, though, and I don’t know what it says. Hells, it ain’t my business. Marika seems to be hiding some bodies from…something, and at that point, I decide I don’t want to know. We do chide Marika for being Varisian for a while.

Also, our party re-unites with Glade, whom I don’t really know. Everyone else is glad to see him, though. Apparently, this guy came back from the dead. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like me, though. Oh well, that’s just yet another party member that tolerates me. Oh well. We’re in it for the cash, so I guess I can tolerate him.

Still, we leave Turtleback Ferry with this joker, and he sticks to us like glue. So anxious are we to leave that we make it thirty-five miles before we rest, which we do need to do. I need to relearn my spells, after all. I think we’re going to a place called Basil Leaf, which sounds like some kind of ingredient. Fitting, I suppose. It feels like their in the middle of some kind of festival, which I guess is some kind of thing for them. Lots of cooking. Go figure. I walk around and look at what the people are making, and there’s a lot of variety.


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