Rise of the Runelords

More Observations, by Stabbington

I don't know why we're not dead!

You know, all things considered, it didn’t take us long to route all those ogres. And by route, I mean brutally maim and kill. It took all of us to do it, though, so it wasn’t that just Yours Truly was the hero of the day. Not at all. I set a house on fire, but that was just about it for my contribution to the battle to retake the Rangers’ fort back. Not that they were too much help in that department, either. I admit, they did some good towards the end there, holding the rear line and making sure the other ogres were occupied.

Ultimately, I think most of us were glad to have cleaned house on the ogres, if only because that meant we could finally leave the fort (and the cleanup of said fort) to the rangers themselves. Which we did rather unceremoniously, might I add. We did not wait for thanks from the rangers, we just left. I think we were all pretty sour from what went down, but whatever. I was just happy to do a small amount of good, even if I did spend the greater part of the battle getting smacked around like a children’s ball.

The long trudge back to town was decent enough. Or it would have been, had not a rush of water come from nowhere and flooded the entire town and ourselves with it. By the time we actually arrived, things were already pretty dire, and we wound up having to save a bunch of kids from a giant sea snake, which we did with aplomb. To tell you the truth, things were going rather swimmingly.


This giant monster of a sea serpent shows up and begins to thrash about and tear everything up. There were still people left in town, and the monster seemed to want to turn them all into monster food.

Cue us, the unfortunate heroes of the day.

To say that we assaulted the creature would be laughable. While I don’t think we gave it any major damage, I do think we could’ve taken it! However, the monster was wearing us down pretty hard, and took nearly all of our tricks just to hold it off while the townspeople got to safety- and they took their sweet time doing it!

Ultimately, the creature swam off, leaving us to our fate. However, all that only led to more questions, such as: Why did the nearby damn break? Was it because of ogres?

I get the feeling I’m about to find out.


rmsnook Proteangamer

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