Rise of the Runelords

Scorpions, Scrags, and General Mayhem

Well, dam.

In the dam….

“It is trapped? I just licked it.” Mera

So it happens that we jellify a bunch of trolls. Good use of the Pit spell, I think. We try to find an exit, and there are many. Better choose the right one.

We come across a pool, only to be attacked by a Scrag that almost kills us. Fortunately, we set the pool it’s fighting in on fire, and make quick work of it. After I nearly drown and stabbed, we look through more of these doors….

there’s a scorpion there, a big one made out of bone. What could possibly go wrong? I leap into action without nary a second thought- and that when it hit me- the big, bony scorpion’s tail, right in the gut. I feel my muscles locking up a bit, but I’m not done yet, and neither are my companions. We lay into the monster, and it doesn’t really take long for us to turn its bones to ash. There’s a device here, and I let others who are more knowledgeable than I in the ways of magic look over the mechanism. They discover that it had some sort of magical battery that powers it, and in turn the dam.

We follow the room to two giant circles; one of them has a pile of ash, and the other a demon of some sort, who is whimpering and pathetic-looking. I’m not sure what it wants, but Notaly summons some sort of creature inside of the summoning circle that holds it, and kills both summoned creatures. Weird. But, the dam is safe, and our job is done. It won’t be long before we’re back in town, and having a much needed rest…


rmsnook Proteangamer

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