On the Way

Event: Mudslide! CR 7
Location: any hilly terrain in/near the rain zone
Description: in the midst of a spring thunderstorm, a mudslide threatens the Seven . . .

As the party travels, the incessant rain thickens, reducing visibility and turning the mud beneath their feet to soup. Ominous rumbling leads to creashes of thunder, lightning streaking across the sky as the cloouds vent their ill-humor.

Have each of the Seven roll perception checks at a -4 to see/hear the slide apporaching. A successful DC 20 allows one to see the wall of debris bearing down upon the hapless PCs 2000 ft away. Traveling at 200 ft/rnd, the PCs have 10 rounds to react if they preceive the slide.

If no one stops the slide, 5 rounds later, have them attempt a DC 15 perception check(still at -4) to hear it 1000 ft away. Traveling at 200 ft/rnd, the PCs have 5 rounds to react if they preceive the slide.

If no one perceives the slide, the ground shaking causes them to look up as a wall of mud, water, rocks and treelimbs taller than the Old Light bears down on them from a mere 200 ft away. Traveling at 200 ft/rnd, the PCs have 1 round to react before the slide hits.

Mud Slide Stats:
Speed 200ft/round
Bury zone is 150 feet wide
Slide zone extends 150 feet on each side of the bury zone
Characters caught in the bury zone when the slide reaches them take 8d6 points of damage(reflex save DC 15 for half damage) and are buried.
Characters caught in the slide zone take 3d6 points of damage(Reflex save DC 15 for half damage)and are buried if they fail the reflex save.
Buried Characters take 1d6 points of nonlethal damage per minute. If a buried character falls unconscious, he must succeed on a DC 15 Con check each minute or take 1d6 lethal damage.

The PCs begin in the bury zone, 90 feet from the slide zone, 165 feet from safety. The soupy ground counts as difficult terrain (all ground speeds are halved; no running).

The violence of the mudslide and the magical saturation of the area have caused a planar breach connecting to the elemental plane of mud, pulling a family(one Tiny child, one Small child and a Medium adult) of mud elementals into the path of the mudslide. As the PCs clear out of the slide’s path, have any moving along the ground attempt DC 10 acrobatics checks. Any PCs who fail trip over a prone mud elemental buried in the wet, dirty ground, beginning with the smallest one. The two children immediately try to grab the leg of the PC who stumbled into them(resolve as a grapple), crying out in Aquan for their mom. They cling to their chosen PC, resisting attempts to dislodge them, unless reassured in Aquan. If dislodged, they run after their chosen PC. If a PC trips over the mama elemental, she lashes out, then runs to her babies. She has no interest in the PCs, except to rescue her children from them.

On the Way

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