Rise of the Runelords

Kaleb's Summary

Hellos and goodbyes

First thing in the morning, we all gather to investigate Justice Ironbriar’s office. His office is very generically furnished, with almost no indication that he was really here. His paperwork is here, but no personal affects. There are no leads here, but we’ll try to see if anyone in town ever saw Ironbriar go anywhere else. The best we come up with is that people seem to think that he hung out at the temple of Calistria. It’s a bust, though, so we go home.

I go back to the tavern and get some sleep, though in the morning we discover that Marika had a “suitor” over after hours. She takes a lot of ribbing for it, though, but I tell her that the only thing that she should have done differently was remember it. After all, a half-orc will do the same job a Varisian would have done, if not a bit more…enthusiastically.

We make our way across the Irespan (I think it’s called), and Hope once again leads us into combat. In the tower, we come across what looks to be a flesh golem. As luck would have it, we are able to beat the creature with sheer determination (as well as Glade cackling like a lunatic and enhancing his own curses). Thank Calistria no one was seriously hurt! Afterwards, we climb the stairs to the watchtower. Rather, when Hope points out how rickety the stairs are, they send me alone! Sighing to myself, I begin the long ascent…when a bell comes loose! I flatten myself against the wall as it plummets to the ground, making a ruckus when it hits. I don’t see anything else, though. I hope no one got hurt.

As we make our way up the stairs, I have Mr. Rabbit drop me on the other side as Hope passes us by. She announces that we’re about to be set upon by shapeshifters, just as Glade tries to make the leap. He slips and his face smashes into the steps, he tries to grab for the edge of the stairs, and I turn just in time to see him fall.

He falls about a hundred feet. I watch him die, screamless, soundless, save for the horrifying crunch in at the bottom of the tower, a gasp escaping his lungs simply on reflex.

But I can’t dwell on that now…we’re under attack!

I see one of these shapeshifters rolling down the stairs towards me. It regains its footing long enough to stab me in the shoulder, and I feel suddenly woozy, and know its next attack will finish me! In desperation I crawl through Mr. Rabbit’s legs, forcing my foe to attack the heavily armored thing. I am alive for a moment longer, which is more than I can say for poor, poor Glade. I see that the only one left is still accosting Hope, and I let fly another Magic Missile that slams into him. However, I it doesn’t hurt it, but Mr. Rabbit makes short work of it. It grabs her as it goes over the side, but it’s grip is shaky, and it plummets to its final resting place, even as Hope gets hauled up by Mr. Rabbit.

I breathe a sigh of relief.


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